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The Responsible Job Creation Act aims to


> Ban temp agencies from charging workers for drug tests


> Ban temp agencies from charging workers for background checks and credit checks


> Require temp agencies to provide return transportation from job sites


> Require temp agencies to place workers into permanent jobs when possible


> Require temp agencies to publicly report the race and gender of their employees


> Raise fines for violations of the IL Day and Temporary Labor Services Act


> Add new safety enforcement tools for temp workers


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    Giving Voices to Temporary Workers: The Fight for Equality A project from the students at the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago
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    The Responsible Job Creation Act 

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    We have the potential to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of temp workers across the State of Illinois. Our vision with passing this bill is to honor workers through safe working conditions where race and gender are uplifted and not used to hurt workers; equal pay and benefits for temps as direct hires; employment notices for workers to know where they'll be working, and a job that treats them with the dignity and respect they deserve.

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