The Bill


Synopsis As Introduced

Amends the Day and Temporary Labor Services Act. Requires a day and temporary labor service agency (agency) to notify a day or temporary laborer (laborer) in writing of the schedule and length of multi-day assignments. Requires an agency to keep records on the ethnicity of each laborer or applicant and the date, time, and location at which an applicant requested employment. Requires an agency to provide a laborer with transportation back to the point of hire at the end of each work day. Requires an agency to indicate on a laborer's payment stub the current maximum amount of any placement fee charged to a third party client. Prohibits an agency or third party client from charging a laborer for the expense of conducting a consumer report, a criminal background check, or a drug test. Requires an agency to submit to the Department of Labor the total number of laborers the agency has placed in a permanent position. Requires laborers to be paid at a rate no less than the same average rate of pay as a permanent employee performing the same or substantially similar work. Requires a third party client to conduct a job hazard analysis for each job to which a laborer might be sent. Requires an agency to obtain a surety bond of no less than $150,000 and to comply with other specified registration requirements. Makes a third party client liable for any obligation to pay the 4 hours minimum pay or any statutory damages required under the Act. Provides that termination or disciplinary action against a laborer within 90 days of the person's exercise of rights protected under the Act shall raise a rebuttable presumption of retaliation. Makes other changes.


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